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How does it work?

Being a seller on Little Places Market is simple:
- Apply to sell
- Once approved, sign in and set up your profile
- Link your payout details
- List all the products you want
- When sales come in, you'll get notified to fulfil the order

How are payments handled?

Payments are handled through the Little Places Market platform. We use Stripe to process payments securely.

Are there any fees?

For every transaction processed through Market, we take a seller fee of 10%, plus transaction fees from Stripe (2.9% + 20p per payment).

What is Little Places and can I trust you?

Little Places is a discovery platform turned online marketplace. We've worked with and supported the independent business scene for over 3 years, telling stories and building a community. Our technology is safe and secure, and payments are processed through Stripe. We use HTTP Strict Transport Security (HTST) to secure accounts and Cloudflare Bot Management to protect our users from bad bots.

Do you handle delivery?

Not at the moment. When transactions happen, sellers are notified via email and SMS (if set up). When that happens, you will be required to fulfil that order - whether that's doing it by hand or informing your fulfilment team.

Can I sell alcoholic products?

Of course! We're compliant with UK rules around selling alcohol online, enforcing that customers confirm they are over 18 before purchasing any alcoholic products - including 'Non-alcoholic'/ '0%' beverages. All you have to do is set it up when creating a product listing.

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Little Places exists to support neighbourhood businesses across London and the UK. Discover places to go or shop directly from your favourite stores through our online marketplace.

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